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Demokratie Menschenrechte Rechtsstaat

Ausstellungsdauer:  4. September - 31. Jänner 2019

Begrüßung:        Museumsleiterin Maria Ettl

Zur Ausstellung: Mag. Friedrich Forsthuber, Obmann des Vereins Justizgeschichte und
                         GR Heinz Vettermann, in Vertretung von Stadträtin Mag.a Veronica
Eröffnung:          Bezirksvorsteherin Mag.a Veronika Mickel-Göttfert

Die Ausstellung zeigt, dass nur das Zusammenwirken von Demokratie, Menschenrechten und Rechtsstaat Freiheit und Mitbestimmung sicherstellen kann. Sie sind die Wurzeln der Wertegemeinschaft der Europäischen Union und aller demokratischen Rechtsstaaten.

Gasthäuser, Beisln und Cafés in der Josefstadt

New “Gasthaus” exhibition at the 8th District Bezirks Museum celebrates the “Guest Houses” of the local Josefstadt neighborhood. 


       With more than 100 photos, drawings, maps and prints, visitors can explore the unique world of the 8th District Gasthaus, which is variously translated as a Guest House, Pub or Inn, in English.  For locals, visitors and tourists, alike, the typical Josefstadt Gasthaus has, for generations, offered a kind of combined restaurant and social living room space, for gathering, conversation and enjoying the menu of a classic Viennese kitchen, which typically includes a variety of home-style beef, chicken pork and vegetarian dishes, complemented by Austrian wines and the tasty beers of Mitteleuropa.  Meals are often followed by desserts that please even the most particular Viennese “sweet tooth” and, perhaps, a Schnapps after dinner. 


        As this historic, one-of-a-kind exhibition shows, there were more than one hundred Gasthauses in the Josefstadt District.  Many are still operating today.  Their habitués have included local friends, neighbors, visiting travelers, students, political figures, students and various social groups of card players, stamp collectors, book clubs, sports teams and more.


        Guesthouse décor typically consists of dark, rustic natural wood paneling, an abundance of coat hooks, and walls that are likely to be festooned with mounted stag antlers and folkloric memorabilia.  There is always a variety of newspapers on wooden holders.  Tables are sometimes shared and are plain wood or simply decorated with printed table cloths.  A friendly, congenial wait-staff adds to what some have called “a truly convivial experience, much more than just eating and drinking.” 


        Experience the living history of past and present Guest Houses of the historic Josesftadt neighborhood of Vienna’s architecturally unique 8th District Josefstadt.


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