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1938 - Jewish Inhabitants

We aim to create a database, as complete as possible, of the Josefstadt`s Jewish population and their destinies after the Nazis took over in 1938. 
The original Access database1 was created in 1998 using the information of the Vermögensverkehrsstelle2 and contained about 2500 records. Beginning with summer 2011 work on the database was taken up again by Heinz Rupertsberger. The information of „Bestand Wien“4, Exenberger et al.6, „Letters to the Stars“7, Shalom list of graves8, "Auswandererkartei"9 and of other sources10,11 were added. Using the websites of Yad Vashem5 and DÖW3 people murdered in the Shoah were identified for the first time. Unfortunately these databases contain only the last address before deportation, which in most cases is not identical with the actual living address. At present we cannot distinguish clearly between residents, shopkeepers, tradesmen, craftsmen, doctors, lawyers etc., or even inhabitants already thrown out from their original apartments.

The database contains now (January 2022) 5971, among these are 1981 victims of the Shoah. We are very interested in getting more information about the destiny of the Josefstadt’s Jewish population at that time. Of course we will answer questions concerning single persons any time. In this case we kindly ask you to inform us about your interest in this person. 

Contact: bm1080(at)bezirksmuseum.at

more information (data from summer 2014, 4150 records among these 1660 victims of the holocaust)

         1. Details in Elfriede Faber, Maria Ettl (Ed.) „Neudeggergasse 12: Die Synagoge in  
             der Josefstadt“, BMJ 1998   
         2. Inquiry by the nationalsozialistische Vermögensverkehrsstelle, reporting date
             March 27, 1938 and November 12, 1938. Österreichisches Staatsarchiv
         3. Archive of the Documenatation of the Austrian Resistance (DÖW) www.doew.at  
         4. „Bestand Wien“ in Central Archives of the History of Jewish People, Jerusalem.
             Lists by the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien 1938, they contain the age only  
         5. The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names, www.yadvashem.org  
         6. Herbert Exenberger, Johann Koß, Brigitte Unger-Klein, „Kündigungsgrund
             Nichtarier“, 1996 Picus Verlag  
         7.  „Letters to the Stars“. www.lettertothestars.at  

         8.  Walter Prager, Shalom association (does not exist any more), Jewish list of graves at the Zentralfroedhof Tor 1 and 4

         9.  Collection of the Jewish Communitiy of Jews intending to emigrate in summer 1938
       10.  Irmtraut Karlsson, Manfred Kerry, Tina Walzer, „… lebte in der Josefstadt.             

              Steine der Erinnerung 1938-1945“, Milena Verlag 2008 
        11.  More informations by persons, books, newspapers, etc.


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